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In honor of all of our fathers, we are pleased to offer $5 off all Newell’s Botanicals topical cannabis products, now through Father’s Day, June 18th.

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Winner - Emerald Cup 2016

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Deep Skin Penetrating Topical Oil is an award-winning herbal infused oil that targets pain, inflammation, and skin conditions by utilizing an array of traditional herbs, along with whole, organic, raw cannabis. We infuse these herbs into a blend of carrier oils that were carefully selected to nourish the skin, repair cell-membranes, and carry medicinal compounds deep into tissues.

Our product designer, Chelsea, originally created Deep Skin as an unnamed, unmarketed project to help with her grandmother’s arthritis pain, and her father’s badly sun-damaged skin. The success of Deep Skin at the Emerald Cup in 2016 launched our company, Newell’s Botanicals, and has allowed us to create a full line of all-natural topical cannabis products from organic and organically produced ingredients.

Our Ingredients

When Chelsea made that first batch of Deep Skin she wasn’t thinking about material costs and profit margins – she was thinking about helping her grandmother with her chronic pain, and subsequent depression from feeling debilitated and hopeless. The cost of ingredients was the last thing on her mind, so she sought out only the best.

We continue to hold to this commitment to use only the finest ingredients in our products, with a focus on organic ingredients that are as locally sourced as possible. We even produce a portion of the herbs and flowers we use in our own small, but beautiful, sustainable medicinal herb garden.