all natural topical cannabis products

All-Natural Topical Cannabis Products

Our medical cannabis products are available to verified patients in California, with a current recommendation to use cannabis medicinally from their physician. Our products are not FDA approved “drugs”, and should be considered for cosmetic use only unless directed by a physician for use as part of an approved regimen.

It you would like to order a cannabis-infused product, please fill out our Verification Form. If you are already a verified patient, please Login to access the Private Patient Store.

Deep SkinDeep Skin

Deep Skin is an award-winning cannabis topical, hand-crafted from the best carrier oils and whole, organically-produced herbs available, many from our own garden.

It is designed to penetrate deeply and absorb very quickly, and is loaded with certified organic herbs that have been used traditionally to ease painful conditions associated with aging. It was designed for the creator’s own grandmother.

deeptissueDeep Tissue

We attempted to create the best all-natural massage oil on the market. Period. We began with the highest quality organic food-grade oils, essential oils, and herbs – including organically produced medical cannabis.

The result is a one-of-a-kind blend of traditional herbal infused oils and essential oils that glides easily, smells divine, and absorbs slowly and completely. Massage therapist tested and approved.

New SkinNew Skin

Have you ever considered bringing the power of cannabis to your beauty routine? One of the most restorative herbs known to man could soon be a common cosmetic ingredient.

Harnessing the power of cannabis, along with other herbs and oils, our New Skin Rejuvenating Night Serum is designed from the ground up to reduce the visible signs of aging. Trust us, your skin will thank you.

Good SalveGood Salve

A luxurious oil and beeswax blend infused with whole organic herbs and select essential oils. Good Salve is available in three unique formulations, each with a different specialty.

Good Salve for Old Bones is designed for aging and aching joints. Good Salve for Tired Muscles is designed to facilitate an active lifestyle by relieving sore and smarting muscles. Good Salve for Angry Skin is designed to soothe chronic inflammatory skin conditions. Good Salve is a good save.