The Importance of Keeping your Cannabis Recommendation Current

Since California voted to legalize recreational cannabis use last year, many people assume that there is no reason to renew their medical cannabis recommendation. This simply isn’t true – there are a lot of reasons!

Recreational Cannabis Sales Are Not Yet Legal

Until January 2018 at the very earliest, it still isn’t legal to *sell* recreational cannabis products; simply to use and share them without charge. If you want to purchase anything from a dispensary, or directly from a producer like myself, you’ll only be able to do so with a current medical cannabis recommendation.

Exempted from Sales Tax

Even after January there will be distinct advantages to having a cannabis recommendation (and a county-issued ID card). It may take quite awhile for recreational dispensaries to open and pass licensing and inspection. Medical cannabis dispensaries will still be operating. Once the full scope of the new recreational laws are in effect, there is going to be a substantial tax at point-of-sale for those products; in some jurisdictions it is well over 20%, and Sacramento City is on track to be one of the highest. However, in a recent Assembly Bill, the medical cannabis laws were amended to reflect the fact that cannabis as a medicine shouldn’t be taxed, the same as conventional medicine isn’t subject to sales tax. For verified patients that have county-issued medical ID cards, there is and will be no sales tax when buying medical cannabis products.

Supported at All Levels of Government

83% of Americans favor the legalization of medical cannabis, and even our doobie-hating Attorney General Sessions has no interest in denying patient-access. The same support doesn’t exist for commercialized cannabis. Within California, many counties and cities have already banned all commercial cannabis activities, Sacramento being one of these counties. I attended meetings of the Board of Supervisors and even though currently all cannabis sales – medical included – are banned in Unincorporated Sacramento County, members of the board and their staff are overwhelmingly in support of the use of medical cannabis, and are open to finding an alternative to the current ban.
Whether you choose to avail yourself to our products or not, we encourage you to keep your cannabis recommendation up to date, stay informed about the laws and regulations in your local community, and let your voice be heard.